Feb 2th

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Would you like to carry our Fruits De Mer brand of Marinated Seafood products in your area?  Our products are traceable in the trace registry – ask us for details!  Contact us for more information on our quality seafood products! We are actively seeking resellers.

Call our office at 407-931-1820 or toll-free at 1-866-204-0899 (USA only).

Fruits De Mer have the freshest ideas in Seafood Appetizers. To read the brochures or to Print click the links below. Down load our Tri-fold Product Brochure here with all Product Information.

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Jun 6st

Articles on health of Seafoods

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What are the health benefits of Sardines?

Usually sold canned, sardines are loaded with omega-3s, which protect your heart, combat arthritis and depression, fortify against cancer and even fight wrinkles. Sardines also contain the highest amount of calcium of any fish. Just two tiny sardines give you as much calcium as 1/3 cup of milk, as well as a full day’s supply of B12.

Source:  www.sharecare.com/



Go Fish Omega-3 fatty acids, plentiful in oily fish such as salmon and sardines, and nuts such as walnuts, are not only terrific for your heart, but they may help reduce your risk of macular degeneration. Click here to learn more about the healing power of omega-3 fatty acids.

Source:  www.doctoroz.com



Mercury is an issue in recommending eating more fish. The fish highest in omega-3 fats with lowest mercury levels include anchovies, herring, mackerel (Atlantic, NOT King or Spanish, from the Gulf of Mexico), sardines, trout, and salmon.

Source:  www.doctoroz.com

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet
A delicious Mediterranean eating plan can help protect against heart disease, diabetes, cancer – even help with weight loss.
Source:  Benefits of Mediterranean Diet

Want to stay healthy for life?

There are many effective diets out there that can help you get rid of unwanted pounds. However, The Sardine Diet is truly special. This plan deserves your attention because it not only regulates weight but is also designed to revitalize your general well-being.
Source:  The Sardine Diet

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