Nov 11th

Fish Catching & Process

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The preparation process varies depending on whether the anchovies are to be salted or marinated.
Salting and Maturing: The fish are washed in a saturated solution of brine then placed in barrels in layers separated by new salt. This part of the process lasts three months. After the initial salting process, the fish are taken one by one to be gutted and have their heads removed. This operation requires an experienced hand and cannot be done by a machine, as the fish are small and very fragile. At the end of the maturation process the fish are washed and drained. They are then filleted. The fillets are carefully weighed and packaged. The tubs are then closed and put in boxes. The boxes are placed on pallets and loaded onto lorries.

Marination: Anchovies for marinating are generally frozen when they arrive and are sent to the defrosting rooms. They are defrosted naturally in brine as needed. After defrosting, the fish are taken one by one to be gutted and have their heads and bones removed by hand. The fish are then marinated in containers full of vinegar for 14 hours. Once the fish come out of the marinade they are taken to be drained and placed in buckets. The fish are put in tubs and covered with oil. The tubs are then closed and packaged for distribution.

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